Trekking in Maremma Toscana: breathtaking scenery to be enjoyed on the Estate and the surrounding area

In the two hundred hectares of the Il Sassone Estate and the hundreds of hectares of surrounding woodland and countryside it is possible to take beautiful long walks. You can ask us for information on itineraries for trekking trails of varying difficulty and length both inside Il Sassone and outside, where an expert can lead you to fascinating places that are off the beaten track.

On the Estate we have two circular trails along which you can find signs that give information about the local flora and fauna. The first, about 3 and a half km long starts at the pool and proceeds towards Il Sassone Alto and then down to the Confiente stream and back up to the pool. The second, about 4 km, starts at the small bridge over the Confiente stream, goes up to the Gate, passes over the Hill and then back down to the stream and the bridge.

During these walks you can lie in wait to observe some of the wild animals that populate the woodland. They are not dangerous and they are easily scared by the slightest sound and run away. As animal lovers we kindly ask you to observe them without disturbing them.

Depending on the season you can find numerous species of mushrooms. If you are experts you can pick them and when you come back we can examine them with the help of local experts. If however you are not familiar with them we kindly ask you to not pick them. Touching inedible or poisonous mushrooms can be dangerous.

Finally for the lazier ones among you it is also pleasant and relaxing to go for a walk round the vineyards or the small lake. There is a fantastic view of the House and the Medieval town of Tatti from the southernmost tip of the vineyard.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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