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At Il Sassone all the rooms have a different style but are equally comfortable and well equipped. Every morning flowers and fresh fruit are provided and every evening there is a small good night token left in your room.

For those who cannot manage to go without working, all rooms are equipped with internet connections and the rest of the house and the pool area are equipped with Wi-Fi. For those who cannot do without it there is also air-conditioning in each room as well as in the rest of the house. All rooms are also equipped with: a safe, a hairdryer and clean towels and there is also a daily maid service to take care of your every need.

You can choose from pampering yourself in green in Equisetum, in indigo in Fiordaliso, in musk in Achillea, in chocolate in Sambuco, in pearl grey in Biancospino or finally in pink in Rosa Canina and Oleandro!

Il Sassone will be a moment of peace and relaxation in a refined location that will envelop you in a vital embrace of nature. It’s more than just a place to stay in Massa Marittima.


The aromas of Mediterranean vegetation fill this room and the private patio surrounded by trees. The interior is inspired by Marne and Palombine, Tuscan clays known for their depurative powers. This Comfort style room can be adjoined to the Sambuco room to form a spacious Suite, and can be prepared with a double bed or with two single beds.

This room has very firm hypoallergenic spring mattresses which are ideal for those looking for a comfortably firm support.

It is also possible to add a third bed, for a triple room .

Typology: Triple Confort Room.


The bespoke painted decoration by skilled artists merges multiple shades of grey with hints of red details that recall red hawthorn berries, giving this room a particular charm and fascination. The sky blue walls in the bathroom are combined with tiles to give an immediate sense of well-being.

This room has a king sized bed with a hypoallergenic, medium firm spring mattress which is ideal for those looking for medium firm support.

There is also a sofa bed which makes the room possibly triple.

Typology: Triple Confort Room.


A Superior room on the ground floor. Here green pervades and it is the perfect place to relax and feel energy. The warm wood panelling frames the fireplace to cheer the afternoons and evenings in the colder seasons. The green and earthy coloured tiles in the bathroom recall the colours of the forest. In this room the double bed is located in the corner perfectly oriented in a north/south direction. The spring double mattress is unique, hypoallergenic and very firm making it ideal for those looking for a comfortably firm support.

Typology: Superior Room.


This Superior, romantic room is on the first floor. The view by day offers a glimpse of the sea and by night is truly unforgettable. The interior, created in complimentary shades of blue with a theme inspired by old country mansions blends perfectly with the old France frame of the fireplace and the wooden floor. The bathroom is also blue giving a marine feel of the Maremma sea.

In this room the double bed is located in the corner perfectly oriented in a north/south direction. The hypoallergenic, medium firm spring mattress is ideal for those looking for medium firm support; a layer of latex inside ensures maximum comfort.

Typology: Junior Suite Room.


Pink and grey mother of pearl give this room a quiet sophistication leaving space for emotions and the need for balance. A hundred year old oak tree casts it shadow through the oval bathroom window. This antique flavour Superior room can have a double bed or two single beds. The hypoallergenic, medium firm spring mattresses are ideal for those looking for medium firm support.

Typology: Superior Room.


This Junior Suite room, on the first floor, with a vigorous colour scheme recalls the woody essence and aromas of the elderflower. The warmth of the wooden floor and the gold, orange and cocoa colour tiles in the bathroom purify, revitalize and stimulate physical and mental regeneration.

This room can be adjoined to the Achillea double bedroom to make a communicating room to form a spacious Suite. The wrought iron canopy bed has a very firm hypoallergenic spring mattress which is ideal for those looking for a comfortably firm support.

Typology: Junior Suite Room.


In this Classic room, shades of pink dominate, recalling the flowers of the vigorous oleander hedge surrounding the Villa. The view on the main loggia and on the porch that leads to the Sala Novecento, gives this room a breathtaking view. The double bed is equipped with an extremely comfortable latex mattress.

Typology: Classic Room.

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Corollo ROSE'

Maremma Toscana

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Corollo è il nome dell’antica via che percorre la collina del Sassone. Questa via era utilizzata per la transumanza delle mandrie che provenivano da Siena e, scendendo dal Sassone, raggiungevano nell’inverno i verdi e ricchi pascoli delle piane della Maremma.
COROLLO è il nome del Rosato, il primo fiore dei nostri vini, subito pronto in primavera, stagione da cui prende in sé i freschi profumi e le soavi fragranze. 

Il nostro Rosè è un vino dal colore intenso come i nostri tramonti. Accompagna con i suoi profumi e tanta freschezza i pranzi nel pieno sole di mezzogiorno e illumina con infinita magia gli aperitivi al tramonto, proprio quando il sole colora i nostri panorami rendendo tutti noi partecipi del momento più affascinante e intimo della giornata.

Confiente SYRAH

Maremma Toscana

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

CONFIENTE è il nome del torrente che scorre, più in basso, ai piedi della vigna di Syrah. Su un rilievo di terra rossa, che guarda il sorgere del sole, abbiamo piantato questo vitigno proveniente dalla Francia ma di probabili origini medio-orientali.

L’accurata scelta delle barbatelle, la gestione biologica, la cernita degli acini su tavolo di selezione, la vinificazione naturale e la fermentazione spontanea conducono ad un vino che rispecchia fedelmente il carattere di questo angolo interno, più settentrionale e fresco, di Maremma.

Vino Rosso corposo con intense note eleganti, si accompagna a elaborati e importanti piatti di carne. Gratifica e appaga l’appassionato di vini con personalità.
Vino particolarmente fortunato nell’abbinamento con il cioccolato fondente.

Safe Holidays

A carefree holiday! The whole structure and our rooms are adequate to the current national health standards. Thanks to our location surrounded by nature and the large spaces inside and outside the villa, you can enjoy a safe and relaxing stay.