Private Villa for rent

The Il Sassone estate, straddling two hills, covers an area of about 200 hectares. On the south-facing hill, among the verdant woods, vineyards and olive groves, is the Villa, from which the gaze runs over the Maremma, below in the valley are the Winery and the Stable.

Description of the Villa

The manor house welcomes guests in its comfortable living room with Cesterfield-style armchairs, with fireplace and furnished with style and great attention to detail. The dining room, open to view, beautifully enhances the large oval table placed in front of the large fireplace, and can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people. At the back is the large traditional kitchen in which the marble sink stands out, in the center the large marble table, the splendid Berkel-type vintage burgundy slicer and the wine pantry. The seven guest rooms, arranged over two floors, have an independent entrance and a bathroom with a large shower. Each one has its own personality and a name of a plant or flower whose color it interprets. The classic Tuscan style furnishings create relaxing, warm and comfortable environments. In some, everything is enriched by the fireplace.

In front of the Villa are the covered ‘Piazzetta’ and an outdoor area, furnished with comfortable tables, armchairs and sofas, perfect for enjoying the view. All around the garden, bordered by the long balcony that separates it from the olive grove at the foot of the villa, houses other sofas as well as some small tables, under the large Oak tree.

At the bottom of the garden is our Infinity Pool with a wide view of the Maremma. The swimming pool, with rounded lines, is suitable for everyone. It is located in a lawn furnished with umbrellas and sunbeds and surrounded on three sides by the wood which closes the Villa from view, creating a secluded and relaxing atmosphere in contact with nature.

La Tartaruga del Sassone, the Estate’s restaurant, is located in the Villa. During the rental period it is reserved exclusively for internal guests. In addition to offering Breakfast, inspired by the territory and with continental influences, the restaurant can offer Lunch services, simple and tasty, and an elegant Dinner for the evening. The 4-course menu of the Dinner is prepared daily by our Chef, who offers revisited dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine made with seasonal local ingredients. The Chef also proposes the BBQ evening with the classic Florentine Steak, a dinner with a country flavor served under the large Oak tree in the garden, with a particular atmosphere and illuminated by the light of the sunset.

Use and Services

The Villa is structured to offer a complete hospitality service.

The exclusive rental of the Villa allows the use of all common areas and rooms that can accommodate up to 14/16 people.

They are included:

  • The pool
  • The garden
  • Parking
  • The wifi.

In addition, the staff, available during the stay, is responsible for ensuring:

  • Environments always in order
  • Attention to customer needs
  • The Breakfast.


Services on request:

  • Lunch
  • Gourmet Dinner
  • Cooking class
  • Guided tour of the wine cellar
  • Tasting of our wines
  • Massages
  • Pilates lessons
  • Mountain bike rental.

Are excluded:

  • On the first floor, the small side area reserved for the owner who resides in the Villa
  • The wine cellar
  • The stable.

Exclusive renting is possible during the opening period, or in another period to be agreed, and is in any case subject to availability.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information and quotations.

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Corollo ROSE'

Maremma Toscana

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Corollo è il nome dell’antica via che percorre la collina del Sassone. Questa via era utilizzata per la transumanza delle mandrie che provenivano da Siena e, scendendo dal Sassone, raggiungevano nell’inverno i verdi e ricchi pascoli delle piane della Maremma.
COROLLO è il nome del Rosato, il primo fiore dei nostri vini, subito pronto in primavera, stagione da cui prende in sé i freschi profumi e le soavi fragranze. 

Il nostro Rosè è un vino dal colore intenso come i nostri tramonti. Accompagna con i suoi profumi e tanta freschezza i pranzi nel pieno sole di mezzogiorno e illumina con infinita magia gli aperitivi al tramonto, proprio quando il sole colora i nostri panorami rendendo tutti noi partecipi del momento più affascinante e intimo della giornata.

Confiente SYRAH

Maremma Toscana

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

CONFIENTE è il nome del torrente che scorre, più in basso, ai piedi della vigna di Syrah. Su un rilievo di terra rossa, che guarda il sorgere del sole, abbiamo piantato questo vitigno proveniente dalla Francia ma di probabili origini medio-orientali.

L’accurata scelta delle barbatelle, la gestione biologica, la cernita degli acini su tavolo di selezione, la vinificazione naturale e la fermentazione spontanea conducono ad un vino che rispecchia fedelmente il carattere di questo angolo interno, più settentrionale e fresco, di Maremma.

Vino Rosso corposo con intense note eleganti, si accompagna a elaborati e importanti piatti di carne. Gratifica e appaga l’appassionato di vini con personalità.
Vino particolarmente fortunato nell’abbinamento con il cioccolato fondente.

Safe Holidays

A carefree holiday! The whole structure and our rooms are adequate to the current national health standards. Thanks to our location surrounded by nature and the large spaces inside and outside the villa, you can enjoy a safe and relaxing stay.