Our swimming pool

Situated on the edge of a natural terrace in a sunny open space bordered by oak trees that surround the villa, the pool at Il Sassone has a unique and spectacular view of the medieval town of Tatti on one side and of the Perolla Valley on the other.

The pool is equipped for freestyle swimming, and you can enjoy the whirlpool and dorsal and plantar massages. The filter and purification systems are both innovative and ecological because they use sea salt instead of chlorine. The Chlorine Free purification is particularly suitable for those who are allergic to chlorine.

At the side of the pool there is a pleasant area for sunbathing and relaxing. The Estate provides complimentary beach towels.  The solar powered pool shower gives you the comfort of a warm shower after a refreshing swim.

Beach towels can also be used on trips to the sea or the thermal springs. Ask our staff for details and they will give you a bag to put them in. Upon returning you can leave the bag to our staff.

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