The Maremma National Park

The Maremma National Park is one of the most fascinating and unique natural sites in Italy because in less than 10,000 hectares it encompasses many different types of scenery that are all typical to the ancient Maremma region. The park starts at the mouth of the River Ombrone, an area rich in vegetation and wetlands. The Trappola marshes, a series of shallow ponds separated by sand dunes and thick reeds are home to various species of migrating and resident birds some of which are extremely rare, such as the splendid Cavalieri d’Italia with its white body, black wings and long fire-red legs. On the edge of the marshes people still breed the local wild Maremma horses and typical cows from the region with long white horns.

The landscape is littered with canals bordered by red semprevivo weeds, a plant that keeps its colour even when dry. Among the thickets of aquatic plants there are many species of fish and water turtles. The area between the mountains and the sea is like a triangle with the Alberese pine wood with more than 80,000 trees. From above it seems like sea of green divided from the sea by a thin white sandy shore.

Behind the pine wood stand the Uccellina mountains that were once an island with white limestone shores. These rough, wild mountains are full of natural caves and towers that were built to protect the population from pirate raids.

The coastline is an interesting succession of pristine beaches that stretches from Principina a Mare right up to Cala di Forno. On the fine sand you can see rare plants with colourful flowers such as eryngium, dune thistles, cyperus and lilies.

The park is open to the public at different times and days depending on the season. The visitor centre where you can buy tickets and book guided visits is in Alberese.

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