Beauty Treatments

A holiday at Il Sassone can be full of relaxation and attention to the body and mind. Complete relaxation and trying unusual activities of varying physical degrees can help to replenish and restore well-being and life force. Here’s what we offer.


Ayurvedic massage is part of Ayurveda which is one of the oldest medical systems that mankind has conceived. It was born in India about 3000 years ago. In this ancient art the Indians sought methods for rejuvenation, well-being, prevention and treatment of ailments. This ancient knowledge is still very valid, recognized and appreciated, and over time it has spread and has gone to enrich our western medicine with multiple benefits.

This treatment is very relaxing, consisting of gentle and slow movements from the hair down to the feet. Those who receive it find an excellent relationship with themselves and with the surrounding environment, with the result of removing the disturbances caused by tight and stressful rhythms of life.
Through manual stimulation of specific points, immediate effects on balance, deep well-being and harmony are found. The massager uses natural and organic oils that are chosen based on the characteristics of the person requesting the treatment. The choice of oils is essential because, among other benefits, they give elasticity to the tissues and continue to act even after the massage is completed; easy to imagine if we think that the skin is a porous organ, and it is the largest of the body.
The complete Ayurvedic massage is a true wellness treatment for body and mind.
The following treatments are comfortably available in the room:

  • Total body Ayurvedic massage with perfumed oils
  • Ayurvedic massage to relax muscle tension in the cervical area and back
  • Ayurvedic massage to eliminate fatigue, tiredness and stress
  • Lymphatic drainage massage for the lower limbs, to eliminate toxins
  • Ayurvedic massage to promote good circulation and contributes to the dissolution of excess fat.

These take from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Pilates and postural gymnastics lessons

In the bucolic and naturalistic setting in which we find ourselves. outdoor exercise sessions at the villa or cellar are a great way to keep fit and relax.

Once or twice a week a Personal Coach teaches various bodyweight disciplines, such as Pilates and Postural Gymnastics. In sessions lasting 1 hour, it becomes possible to have fun, breathing the scented air of our forest, while you train or experiment a new discipline for you.

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